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Family Law

Are you feeling overwhelmed with divorce, custody rights,and other family law matters? Lets us guide you through the maze.

Real Estate

Buying or selling a home? Renting an apartment? Interested in purchasing a mixed-use property? Need advice to address a boundary issue with the zoning and planning committee?


Kevin Wickless LAW, LLC provides reliable bankruptcy guidance for individuals and business owners in Norwich, CT, and surrounding areas. Is bankruptcy right for you?

Criminal Law

The experience of being arrested and charged with a crime can be devastating. Your freedom, job, reputation and quality of life all hang in the balance.

Business Formation

Attorney Kevin Wickless advises aspiring business owners when it comes to the contractual, financial, and legal side of business formation.

Civil Litigation

If you are in the middle of a civil litigation in any of the following areas, it may be time to give Kevin Wickless Law a call.

Divorce Mediation

Attorney Wickless is a Certified Divorce Mediation Specialist, and will assist parties on navigating through a collaborative divorce process.

Estate Planning

Life happens quickly. Don’t wait until it is too late! Be sure to give the security your loved ones will need and provide direction for them.


  • He truly listens

    Kevin was my divorce attorney. Having him to guide me through the process gave me an enormous sense of relief. He truly listens to his clients. He made sure each facet of my divorce was handled gracefully and in accordance with my wishes. I have recommended him to a few of my friends and would recommend him to anyone! If you need an attorney who is on the ball, listens to your side, and can face challenges with a smile on his face- you need attorney Kevin Wickless! Thank you Kevin!

  • Prepared!

    I had attorney Kevin Wickless handle my bankruptcy. I had been avoiding Bankruptcy for a long time but after having my free consultation with Kevin I knew Bankruptcy was the right choice for me. He explained the entire process and showed me the steps I needed to take. He was very friendly and spoke in simple terms rather than getting me lost with legal jargon. His staff is friendly and helpful and they both walked me through the whole process and made it affordable for me. Now I no longer have the burden of debt looming on my shoulders thanks to him and his staff. I would recommend his services to my family or friends. Thank you Kevin!

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